Who We Are

The Design Center of the Philippines is the country’s leading agency committed to cultivating a culture that thrives on creativity, value creation, and innovation.

Design Center’s efforts go beyond promoting the value of good design and onto inspiring creative industries to create human-centered products, services, and spaces that make an impact in the Philippines and in the world. From enhancing human experiences to enabling inclusive and sustainable economic growth, we ensure that design plays its role as a creative, strategic, and innovative tool for positive development.

We effect positive change through design.

Core & Fore

Design is at the core of our culture and at the forefront of our initiatives. As a center that designs for the people, we steadfastly explore design’s many possibilities in influencing lifestyles, humanizing processes, maximizing function, and transforming public service.

Ideas & Action

Creative ideas drive industries forward, and we help ensure that they do. In cultivating a healthy creative economy, we make design accessible to encourage MSMEs, manufacturers, and designers realize innovative concepts that has the potential to better lives, simplify systems, and boost economic growth.

Collaboration & Innovation

Our shared goal to strengthen the country’s design ecosystem motivates us to build meaningful partnerships with industry leaders, key influencers, and policy makers. Being the only national agency for design, we serve as a hub for creative minds to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore solutions that inspire good design and innovation for nation-building.

What We Do

Design Innovation

We strengthen the foundation that inspires new ideas and generates business growth. 

Design Center explores new grounds in design and materials research and development to bring new and sustainable solutions that unlock opportunities for Philippines products and services to become key players in the global economy. 

Design Promotions

We connect Filipinos to good design and Philippine design to the world.

Design Center brings culture and consciousness to every Filipino. We encourage design awareness across all communities, emphasizing on the relevance and importance of good design in creating human-centered products and services that support business innovation, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and economic growth. 

Design Services

We enrich the capacity of the design community and provide design services to MSMEs. 

Design Center extends to MSMEs, designers, manufacturers, consumers, and to the public the appropriate services to boost the standards of Philippine products and services. 

Design Learning

We nurture design professionals and next-generation designers. 

Design Center provides continuing education and intensive training to design students, emerging designers, and practicing professionals to ensure the industry’s agility to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s creative economy. 

Design Protection

What we create, we must protect. 

Design Center’s Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) offers services to help you safeguard your intellectual property. 


R.A. 10557 – Philippine Design Competitiveness Act of 2013

Based on Section 4 of Republic Act No. 10557, DCP is mandated to promote design as:

A CREATIVE TOOL for improving the quality, competitiveness and branding of Filipino products in the global market;
A STRATEGIC TOOL of value creation for sustainable economic growth and development; and
AN INNOVATIVE TOOL for enhancing the quality of human life.

The Design Center is further mandated to:

1. Develop and maintain a creative research and development program on product design,
development, and improvement of Philippine products and services, including those created by
small and medium enterprises (SMEs);

2. Conduct continuing research on product and product packaging design trends, materials and
processing technologies;

3. Create, develop, promote and upgrade the design of all Philippine products and services, including
those created by SMEs;

4. Conduct seminars and workshops on product design and development;

5. Set-up design exhibitions;

6. Publish design-related materials;

7. Ensure protection of Filipino design ideas, products, and other outputs of creative talents;

8. Promote design education throughout the country to meet the needs of Philippine industries;

9. Promote Philippine design here and all over the world.


The Design Center of the Philippines shall: 

  • Promote the use and appreciation of good design;
  • Improve the quality, range, and competitiveness of Philippine goods and services; and 
  • Strengthen the Philippine design industry.  


By 2025, the Design Center of the Philippines is an internationally-recognized center for design excellence; nurturing innovation, value creation, and protection. 

Do You Need Help?

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