Frequently Asked Questions

The Business of Design Toolkit can be downloaded without joining the workshop. The workshops serves a more comprehensive guide on how to use the toolkit.

The Business of Design toolkit can be used by creative freelancers on different levels.

The toolkit shall not be distributed or otherwise commercially exploit to any third party without express, lawful, and written permission from Design Center of the Philippines.

Whether you are a start-up creative freelancer or already been participating in the creative industry for years, this toolkit is a handy tool to turn your creative passion into a business or even just to refresh your current business plan.

The Business of Design is a learning framework that aligns business skills with design and creative practice using customized and structured tools and knowledge to approach challenges.

It aims to:

    • Strengthen design and creative practice as an economically viable career while highlighting unique value of design and creative services offered to client and customers.
    • Create an awareness on the use of business skills as a strategic tool for resiliency and professionalization of design and creative practice; and
    • Train and enable designers and creative professionals on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business management in the freelance economy.

To complement The Business of Design learning framework, The Design Center of the Philippines co-developed the Design Business Toolkit to reinforce the learnings of the participants from The Business of Design modules and help mainstream the use of these tools for better professional design services.

To become a participant of The Business of Design workshop series, you must first register through the link provided and submit the necessary documents as instructed. The Design Center of the Philippines will take some time to screen your application and will notify you once you are eligible to proceed. The screening process is essential because we want to make sure that our participants get the best learning and mentorship experience from our Training Provider.

Prior every run of The Business of Design, The Design Center of the Philippines invites freelancing designers and creative professionals to sign up for the workshop series. After completing your registration process, you will be notified by The Design Center of the Philippines via email regarding your qualification to proceed as an official participant of The Business of Design.

The Business of Design workshop series is divided into six (6) modules. Each module is covered during a 3-hour virtual classroom session held every week. In addition to these training sessions, The Business of Design also offers a half hour one-on-one consultation session with our Training Provider on a specified day each week after the end of each module. In total, a participant will have to render at least three or more hours weekly for six weeks in order to complete the workshop series.

As a participant of The Business of Design, you are expected to attend all scheduled sessions. During the virtual classroom sessions, you will be provided with worksheets and activities that you will have to submit during class or as an assignment for the module. Once you complete your module assignments, you will earn your certificate of completion or certificate of participation at the end of the workshop series.

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