Launched in 2019 by the Design Center of the Philippines, Good Design Award Philippines (GDA-Ph) is a national biennial design excellence recognition system that seeks to discover local artists, designers, and businesses with outstanding designs that embody the universal design values of form, function, innovation, plus the Philippine value of malasakit (compassion).

Good Design Award Philippines aims to enhance the country’s global competitiveness and innovation quotient through design. It aims to address social problems and uplift the quality of life of Filipinos.  

Good Design Award Philippines is envisioned to be the country’s premier platform of good design by nurturing the culture of design excellence through creativity, innovation, value creation and impact.

MALASAKIT: The heart and soul of a good design

 One thing that sets Good Design Award Philippines apart from other Good Design Awards is its emphasis on the Filipino value of malasakit (compassion). While it is common knowledge that form, function and innovation are the fundamental pillars of a good design, Good Design Award Philippines strongly believes that malasakit must be the heart and soul of good design.

By stressing the importance of malasakit in good design, the Good Design Award Philippines shines its light on design’s impact and context, particularly its ability to improve lives and to address social, economic, and environmental sustainability.  Designing with malasakit in mind entails to proactively address the challenges that the society faces today as reflected in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Discover outstanding works in the design disciplines of object-making, image-making, place-making, and systems/service making, and recognize their commitment to design excellence. 


Build a community of designers and businesses that aim to inspire each other in creating a design industry that can compete with international design powerhouses.


Expand economic opportunities for local businesses by helping them get the right exposure in the Philippine design scene.


Create a distinct image for Philippine design by emphasizing the value of malasakit and by keeping our local designers and businesses up to date with relevant design trends.


The call for entries is officially closed for the Good Design Award Philippines 2021.​


Inspired by the art piece Black Forms on White Space by Arturo Luz, the Good Design Award Philippines logo exemplifies how the clever use of simple shapes and negative space can yield a clear and distinct design.

The Good  Design Award Philippines logo is known as a seal of excellence in the Philippine design industry. Part of winning the Good Design Award Philippines is to be one of the few who can use the logo in their platforms, representing their commitment to design excellence.



Form. Function. Innovation. Malasakit (compassion).

Good Design Award Philippines believes that these are the core principles of good design. Conceptualized during his time at Design Center, the Good Design Award Philippines’ trophy is an Arturo Luz original that is inspired by a paper clip. The simplistic manipulation of the piece tells us that even the simplest things may be transformed not only what is visceral but spiritual.
Design Center of the Philippines founder and Philippine National Artist, Arturo R. Luz commits to these founding principal design and is summed up in his own words ⁠—

“…The objective of design is to identify human needs, and then to fill those needs with the right products… To begin with, products must be efficient, original, and competitive. It must be well made, safe, and durable. It should be simple to make and use. It should be easy to look at, touch and feel. It should also provide benefits to the maker, seller, and user. And it should lead to other systems and solutions.”


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Category Head

Arch. Tobias Guggenheimer

A Swiss-American architect, design educator and author. He was formerly professor and administrator at Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Parsons School of Design and Fordham University.

His New York-based firm, TGA,PC, which was established in New York in 1991, has created many homes, hospitality projects, furniture and other design typologies.

Mr. Guggenheimer authored the book, A Taliesin Legacy: The Architecture of Frank LLoyd Wright and for several years contributed the ‘First Principles’ column at Bluprint magazine. He lectured on a broad range of design topics at venues including the National Building Museum in Washington,DC, the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York, the International Design Conference in Taipei, The Anthology Conference in Manila, and many others, including our Design Center. He also curated original architectural exhibitions at the Puck Galleries in Manhattan.

Mr. Guggenheimer is Dean of SoFA Design Institute in Makati. 





The Holistic Coalition of the Willing (HoliCOW) is an initiative by our kababayans in the Visayas region that fosters sustainability, community, but most especially, the Filipino identity.

They are a group of furniture designers and manufacturers in the Visayas who collaborate with communities to develop, produce, and market sustainable, fair trade products that responsibly tap a community’s skills and resources, and that supplement their livelihood.

The coalition’s core value is to craft from resources found within proximity: from objects to traditions passed down from one generation to another. By rallying the morale of our local designers and innovating the design industry’s processes, HoliCOW is a key player in keeping the country’s design scene thriving.