R.A. 10557 – Philippine Design Competitiveness Act of 2013

Based on Section 4 of Republic Act No. 10557, DCP is mandated to promote design as:

A CREATIVE TOOL for improving the quality, competitiveness and branding of Filipino products in the global market;
A STRATEGIC TOOL of value creation for sustainable economic growth and development; and
AN INNOVATIVE TOOL for enhancing the quality of human life.

The Design Center is further mandated to:

1. Develop and maintain a creative research and development program on product design,
development, and improvement of Philippine products and services, including those created by
small and medium enterprises (SMEs);

2. Conduct continuing research on product and product packaging design trends, materials and
processing technologies;

3. Create, develop, promote and upgrade the design of all Philippine products and services, including
those created by SMEs;

4. Conduct seminars and workshops on product design and development;

5. Set-up design exhibitions;

6. Publish design-related materials;

7. Ensure protection of Filipino design ideas, products, and other outputs of creative talents;

8. Promote design education throughout the country to meet the needs of Philippine industries;

9. Promote Philippine design here and all over the world.

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